Zion Gets a New Roof


The project to put a new roof for the Church and Fellowship Hall is well under way.   It has gone well with only a few surprises. The Sanctuary did not have fascia boards and soffits enclosing the area under the eaves and they were added as part of this new roof.  Those additions are the fresh lumber you see in the picture of the steeple.  One of the good surprises was that the when the old shingles were removed from the church, instead of weathered and rotten boards under the old roofing we found good, clean, sound plywood ready for the new roofing to be installed.

Repairs were made to the rubber roof on the old school building and a sloped roof was added to the rear of the school building to replace the flat roof over the furnace and old rest room area.  The roof is a big job, but it will last many, many years and will solve several recurring issues we have had with leaks and water damage to the Sunday school area in the Fellowship Hall basement and water leaking into the furnace room for the Sanctuary.