Church Renovation Update

We are well into the Spring portion of the remodeling and renovation project at Zion. Last fall we completed the biggest part of the first phase, replacing the asphalt and fiberglass shingles on the Church and Fellowship Hall with a raised seam metal roof. This roof should take Zion well into its second hundred years with a minimum of maintenance and upkeep expense.

The second phase of the project is replacing the vinyl siding on the church with a durable stone siding. The siding is real quarried stone that has been sliced into thin pieces (like a slice of bread) and fixed to a backing material. These pieces are being attached to the church over a metal mesh and stucco-like masonry base.


A view of the East side from the parking lot, showing the new roof and stonework.


So far we have had very few surprises with the project. The underlying building structure has only needed a few unanticipated repairs and the biggest issues have been with weather. In the Fall and Winter,  high winds made it unsafe to handle big sheets of metal roofing and this Spring the rain and wet weather have delayed our schedule a bit.



A front view of the church entrance. In this picture you can see the old wooden siding (which will remain in place) and the current vinyl siding (which is being removed). The new Tyvek wrap, the metal, the stucco base and the new stonework is all shown in this picture.


The window over the entrance way, which led only to the belfry, is being closed and the cross which previously stood atop the steeple will be cased in a lighted stonework alcove in its place.