Church Closing Due to COVID-19 Health emergency

In light of further news and more importantly out of love and care for the flock at Zion, the Church President, Board of Elders, and Pastor have all decided to cancel all in-person services at Zion. This is to include all Sunday services and activities; all Wednesday evening services and activities and confirmation. Pastor will also suspend his normal visitation, except for emergencies. We are hoping to resume with a TENTATIVE date of Palm Sunday (5 April) but leadership will meet again to review even this.  These decisions were made out of love for the flock and the responsibility that God gives us to care and protect one another.

Our Lord’s promise is just as true today as it has always been “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” We may be separated from meeting together for a time but rather than an opportunity for Satan to steal the Word away from you, may you use this time as an opening for you to strengthen your habits of reading the Scriptures and praying at home. For through His Word, Christ will be with you always.

Also, instead of reinventing the wheel of broadcasting services might we recommend Worship Anew (formerly Worship for Shut-ins) and also daily chapel broadcast each day at 10:00 A. M. on the Concordia Theological Seminary Facebook web page.

Remember first and foremost that the love of Christ conquers all things and that as a church we will go through this together as brothers and sisters in Christ. Blessings to you all.