What We Believe: Holy Communion (The Lord’s Supper)

What  We Believe: Holy Communion (The Lord’s Supper)




Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ instituted Holy Communion with the words:

“This is My body, given for you. This cup is My blood of the new testament, shed for you for the forgiveness of sins”.

We believe that in Holy Communion, The Lord’s Supper, we receive the true body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ under the bread and wine; instituted by Christ Himself for us Christians to eat and drink.

We believe that Our Lord is continually distributing to us the body and blood of the sacrifice by which He paid for the sins of the entire world. Thus, receiving His body and blood, we receive forgiveness of sins, life and salvation. We believe that Holy Communion is not just a remembrance or symbolic observance, but that it is an act that imparts forgiveness of sins, salvation and a strengthening of faith.

We do not try to explain how Jesus is present under the bread and wine of the Lord’s Supper, rather we believe teach, confess and rejoice that He is present. As Lutherans, we let the words of Jesus stand without arguing about their possibility or trying to explain how they are true.

At Zion we observe the Lord’s Supper during Divine Worship every Sunday and every Wednesday evening.